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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

St. Louis Police open investigation into fake Private Investigator who investigated MO Governor

The great and professional men and women of the St. Louis Police Department have stepped up to the plate to investigate some very underhanded people.

The St. Louis Police Department has opened an investigation into a fake private investigator who was brought into Missouri to investigate Missouri Governor Greitens. William Tisaby was brought in from the East Coast and was hired by the prosecutor (Kimberly Gardner) who targeted Governor Greitens. Now Tisaby is under investigation for illegal investigation activities and grand perjury in Missouri.

MAPI affirms its respect and full support of the St. Louis Police Department in their investigations of William Tisaby and Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner. Hopefully Tisaby will see the value in becoming a 'states witness' against Kimberly Gardner for her grand scheme.

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By Fredrick Akin, MAPI President


  1. Tisaby is a disgrace to the badge and is corrupt just like Kimberly Gardner. I hope the Governor sues them all. Can you say Official Misconduct and Prosecutorial Misconduct? Indict her! We need to make sure this never happens in Missouri again.

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