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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Missouri Black Activist Prosecutor Stacking False Criminal Charges on Missouri Governor

Missouri Black Activist St. Louis Prosecutor, Kimberly Gardner recently decided her contrived criminal charges against Missouri Governor were probably not going to be enough to get a conviction.

Activist Prosecutor Kimberly Gardner has trumped up new charges against Missouri Governor Eric Greitens related to a non-profit the Governor started to raise millions for those less fortunate.

As we have previously reported, St. Louis Black Activist Prosecutor, Kimberly Gardner is on a 'white search and destroy mission' to appease the BLM community because of Greitens hard line stance against the burning and pillaging of St. Louis in 2016/17. Missouri Governor Greitens called out the Missouri DPS and Missouri State Guard to stop the violence against the good people of St. Louis and Ferguson, now there has to be payback by the Democrats and BLM.

Once again, we issue a warning to those who would seek to remove the Governor without due process; we are watching and will investigate those who would seek to harm Greitens and Missouri by manipulating the system for political and financial gain.

Please find the attached news story for background and reference. Fox4kc in Kansas City flat-out lies in its news story wholly distorting the truth. The Fox4kc states Missouri "AG finds evidence of criminal activity" when in fact the AG states openly on the record there may be "POTENTIAL" criminal activity. This act by Fox4kc Kansas City is yet another hatchet job by the news media and part of the Missouri piling on of people by and for BLM and other racial activist supporters.




  1. Kimberly Gardner should be investigated and indicted for her numerous crimes. It's pathetic how she laughs a smirks about what she is doing to the Governor.

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