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Friday, March 2, 2018

To "Consultant" or to "Independent Contractor" - that is the question...?

A friend and resident of the Left Coast finds solace in the conflicted political scene of Missouri that keeps the media outlets in business selling papers. Indeed, plenty of California and Washington (don’t forget Oregon) forests contribute to the cause with little thanks and appreciation. No worries, there are plenty of trees to go around…or are there? One thought that the political intrigue and the, “He says, She says”, bickering and counter claims was a privileged prize of the Left Coast. While not criticizing the Gateway to the West, one finds confusion, frustration, and opportunity.
A search of the Missouri Website for Contracts and partnerships authorized to do business with the State of Missouri, its counties and circuits, comes up short on information. A search for Consultants with contracts couldn’t be found. What gives? 
What seems to be the biggest dodge of Missouri’s private investigator statutes can be seen without glasses! The myriad out of state “Consultants” morphed into the “Independent Contractors” they aren’t – make a mockery of the Missouri Private Investigative Industry, create an insult to the people of Missouri (See Statute 324.1106 ff), an embarrassment to dedicated retirees working under a false reality that can get them into trouble, and ultimately sheds light on those embroiled in self-serving actions to disenfranchise the good people of Missouri. Let’s not forget Contracts that claim legitimacy outside of the rule of law, Missouri’s bidding and contracting procedures, doesn’t make it right.  Remember the “fruit of the poisonous tree?”
What our friend sees as an outsider is a gaggle of politicians who choose to work at tax payer expense with a single agenda of disenfranchising others through 1920-1930s style of political intrigue. Perhaps our friend meant to say Carpetbaggers.  This doesn’t apply to those honest politicians, like your Governor Eric Greitens, and others who stand up for the people and the constitution, yet are made scapegoats by unscrupulous prosecutors. Who’s next?
Sadly, Missouri and Ferguson in particular has become a hotbed of racial tensions and infighting, which some seek to use for their own political gain at the expense of those battling to do the right thing. Our friend’s mind reminds us of his time in The Watts Riots of 1965.  
Maybe all is not lost. Our friend realizes that he can rest on his laurels and get a job as a Consultant after all. He could get a job working as a Consultant for Loree Anne Paradise, the AG’s deputy chief of staff, and circumvent the bidding and hiring process in Missouri. Who knows? Maybe he can get the same sweet deal the retired bureau guys got working for Kimberly Gardner, Circuit Attorney of St. Louis. What a deal that would be? Ching Ching.

By, Shawn Brown

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